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Shower Waterproofing

Save on expensive repairs to walls & floor coverings that result from poorly waterproofed shower recesses.

For new showers - they need to be waterproofed to the Australian Standards AS 3740-04. For existing showers that are leaking, they can be made waterproof without removing the tiles.

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    Waterproofing New Showers - How to Waterproof a Shower

    The Australian Standard - AS 3740—2004.
    Waterproofing of wet areas within residential buildings.

    Requirements are for;

    Enclosed & hobbed shower recesses - the whole floor including the hob be waterproofed and leak control flange be fitted. The walls waterproofed to 150mm min.above the floor or 25mm min. above the maximum retained water level and the remainder to be water resistant to a height of 1800mm min. The wall junctions & joints - waterproof internal & external corners and vertical joints to a min. height of 1800mm above floor level with a min. width of 40mm either side of junction. All penetrations are to be sealed.

    Areas outside the shower area for concrete - Entire floor to be water resistant and all floor to wall junctions to be waterproofed.

    Laundries & Wcs - Entire floor to be water resistant and all floor to wall junctions to be waterproofed.

    Waterproofing - membrane with reinforcing tape to wall junctions & joints. There are 3 classes of membranes and the class required will vary with type of recess and materials used.

    Waterproof - Flexible Waterproofing Membrane with Reinforcing Tape in the junctions.
    Water resistant - Acrylic Waterproofing Primer

    Waterproofing Existing Showers - Leaking Shower Repair

    Waterproofing Exisiting ShowersGrout repair, re-colouring and waterproofing products

    Grout Bond and Seal 4 

    When used as a direct replacement for water in tile grouts it greatly increases adhesion of the grout to all surfaces (including the glazed face of the tile) and the grout becomes waterproof once cured (after 24 Hrs)

    Mixed with grout to a paint like consistantcy and brushed on to existing grout it will fill hairline cracks, colour and waterproof.

    Grout Bond and Seal 4 adheres to all surfaces and the longer it is left the more difficult it is to remove. For filling where cracked or loose grout has been removed first mask both sides of line required and fill. Allow grout to loose wet look & brush neat Grout Bond and Seal 4 over the grout to obtain a neat finish & then remove masking tape. When brushed on to existing grout to colour/waterproof wipe excess product off with a dry rag.

    Grout Seal 16

    Penetrates deeply into existing sound grout and waterproofs it. Brushed on it is quickly absorbed by the grout  and the excess wiped off with a dry rag leaving no streaks on glazed  tiles.

    The above shower had cracked grout around the base and hairline cracks in the grout at knee level on both walls. All cracked & suspect grout was removed and replaced with grout mixed with Grout and Render Waterproofing Admixture. The hairline cracks were sealed with a slurry of grout and Grout Bond and Seal 4. The rest of the grout in the walls and floor were sealed with Grout Seal 16.

    Shower Waterproofing Products
    How to Waterproof a Shower - Leaking Shower Repair

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