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It is far more cost effective to do the necessary Waterproofing works during the construction of your home rather than repair the damage that moisture ingress can cause after your home is completed. Read More


Seal concrete, driveways, paving, feature walls, porous tiles, grout, stone bench tops and other surfaces as soon as they are completed. Spills will be easier to clean off and these areas will look like new for longer. Read More

Most Popular Waterproofing and Sealing Products

Wall Waterproofing Products

Wall Waterproofing Products

Stop moisture coming through your walls and eliminate efflorescence, mould, mildew, and paint blistering. Brick and rendered walls can be made water repellent from either the outside or the inside depending on accessibility.

Treating the wall will stop moisture travelling through carrying dissolved salts to the other side that on evaporation shows as efflorescence. View our range
of wall waterproofing products.

Steinwerk Solutions - Home Waterproofing and Sealing Products

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