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Leak Control Flange
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A Leak Control Flange fitted to shower, laundry, balcony and bathroom drains will allow any moisture that penetrates through the grout or tiles to escape down the inside edge of the leak control flange and down the drain.

Fitting a Leak Control Flange to wet area drain points will minimise the damage caused to plaster & paint on the other side of the wet area walls.

Where a Leak Control Flange is not fitted, the moisture that penetrates through the grout or tiles and pools under the tiles it is unable to drain away as the drain fitting is at the same height as the tiles. So it drains to the lowest point which is normally at a point where the wall meets the floor, it then rises up and along the wall collecting dissolved salts along the way and coming out damaging the plaster coat & lifting the paint of the surface of the wall.  

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Leak Control FlangeFitting Leak Control Flange
  Close up of a Leak Control Flange and Acrylic Flexible Membrane      Fitting of a Leak Control Flange
  on a shower drain

  Leaking shower that has had the floor tiles and two rows of wall          New shower recess where a Leak Control Flange has been
  tiles removed.A Leak Control Flange has been fitted to the drain         fitted to the floor waste pipe and the floor and wall junctions
  and the floor and wall have had Flexible Waterproofing Membrane       reinforced with Reinforcing Fabric and finished off with
  applied.                                                                                         Flexible Waterproofing Membrane.

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