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Concrete Stain Repellent Surface Sealer 5 Litres
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Concrete Stain Repellent Surface Sealer is a blend of specialty polymers formulated to provide a fine water, oil and stain resistant coating on concrete surfaces. Up to 95% of most staining materials can be removed after 24 hours with household detergent and warm water.

As it is a surface sealer, it imparts a slight sheen to the surface of the concrete and should not be used on smooth concrete in areas that come in contact with water such as around swimming pools, as it will make the surface very slippery. The product is ideal for concrete surfaces that are broom finished, concrete that has exposed aggregate or has an irregular surface pattern that is naturally slip resistant.

Staining materials are best cleaned up as soon as possible, as the longer they are in contact with the concrete surface the harder they will be to remove and surfaces that have been cleaned with strong chemicals may need to have the sealer re-applied.

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