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Concrete Sealers

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    Concrete Sealing

    Concrete Sealer

    Concrete is porous and easily stained, all liquids will be absorbed into the surface and carry any staining material to below the surface making it hard to clean. Acidic liquids like beer, cola, lemon juice and acidic cleaners will dissolve the cement component of the concrete and etch the surface.

    To protect your concrete from stains and etching it must be sealed.

    Concrete Sealing Products

    Concrete hardeners are water-based chemicals that react with the cement content in the concrete, this reaction fills the pores and results in a denser, harder and less porous surface.

    Concrete hardeners are applied prior to any penetrating or surface sealer.

    Concrete Sealers | Water Repellent

    Penetrating water repellents applied to concrete soak in and are usually nearly invisible when cured. In some cases they slightly darken the colour but in most cases there is very little difference. The penetrating water repellents work by increasing the surface tension characteristics so liquids bead up easily, roll off and can be easily cleaned up. Penetrating water repellents only offer protection from water and waterborne staining. They provide little to no protection against oils, wine and most other sources of staining materials and also no protection against acids which will start to etch the concrete on contact.

    Concrete Sealers | Stain Repellent

    Penetrating sealers are repellents with an added array of polymers, designed to soak in and also leave a film on top of the concrete surface. Depending on the formulation this film will provide a matt, slight sheen or glossy finish to the concrete surface. The film on the surface provides the resistance against water only, water and oil or water, oil and staining material. As with all stains the sooner they are cleaned off the better the chances of complete removal.

    Sealers for Concrete

    Concrete coatings adhere to the surface and offer a range of protection against stain, heat and scratch resistance. Coatings vary from thin and clear thus enhancing the concrete colour to thick and glossy making the surface look like plastic.

    Concrete Sealers - Sealers for Concrete, Concrete Sealing Products

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